WEARABLE IRON MAN MARK 47 XLVII ARMOR COSTUME the most anticipated armor costume in our history

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New molding
painting techniques

+ ultra detailed in every millimeter
+ crystal as gem, shining as metal
New molding and painting techniques
+ ultra detailed in every millimeter
+ crystal as gem, shining as metal

+ You are the Iron Man!

New segmentation
and connection

+ streamlined range of movement
+ movie-accurate coverage

New segmentation

+ streamlined range of movement
+ movie-accurate coverage
New segmentation
	+ streamlined range of movement
	+ movie-accurate coverage

Voice command control
+ Have fun!

New mechanical
electronical system

+ modularized, customizable, upgradable
+ breathtaking audiovisual presentation
New molding and painting techniques
+ ultra detailed in every millimeter
+ crystal as gem, shining as metal

Buy Mark 47 armor costume

How to buy?
Email us to buy: administrator@buyfullbodyarmors.com [copy the email address]

Pay along with process
You can start production with only a 500 USD deposit and pay the remaining balance through monthly PayPal invoices. You have full control over your payment plan and can adjust it anytime. We require full payment before shipping your order. Let us know your monthly budget or when you'd like to receive your armor, and we'll work out the details.
What is the process?
We need more than 16 measurements from you to complete a full-body armor. We only need your height and weight to start production (mainly electronic add-ons) and we will guide you to get the rest measurements after you place your order. We have been building armor costumes for over 10 years so please rest assured that the suit will fit you well :)

We will send photo progress reports to you during production and a full video report after we complete your armor. Once you pay off the total, we will ship out your armor and send you the tracking number. In most cases, you will receive your armor within a week after we ship it.
Armor weight
15.00 lbs (6.8 kg)*
Polyurethane (PU) Plastic (tough, durable), ABS Plastic, Aluminum alloy framework, foam lining, nylon strips, nylon buckles, Velcro
Primer, color paint, high-gloss protection paint
Price list
  • Basic Mark 46 armor costume (with no add-ons nor accessories)  6,399 USD
  • Motorized mask and eye lights with sound effects  249 USD
  • Ultra-refined chest Arc Reactor and system core  349 USD
  • Ultra-refined Hand Repulsors with sound effects and vibration  349 USD
  • Spandex Bodysuit and Height increasing shoe lifts  99 USD
  • Voice command control and voice changer  299 USD
  • Joints' sound effects  199 USD
  • Full body mini Arc Reactors  599 USD
  • Motorized shoulder missile cabin with sound effects, both shoulders  599 USD
  • Motorized back wing flaps with sound effects  799 USD
  • Motorized forearm missile cabin with sound effects, both arms  699 USD
  • Hand cover cap front lights  99 USD
  • Ultra-refined shoe bottom Repulsors with walking sound effects  299 USD
  • Ventilation cooling system  99 USD

All add-ons TOP package 10,699 USD (Original total 11,036 USD , save 337 USD)

Shipping fee
499 USD in North America by DHL Air Express
599 USD ~ 749 USD to Other countries by DHL Air Express
Door-to door delivery
4 to 6 business days to North America and most of the European countries
6 to 8 business days to South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, or other countries
Box size
Height: 22.5" (571 mm), Width: 13" (330 mm), Depth: 16" (406 mm)*
Transportation weight
44 lbs (20 kg)*
* Size and weight are approximate values.

Email us to buy: administrator@buyfullbodyarmors.com [copy the email address]



Turn your wearable armor
to a motorized statue
only $699

Universal Aluminium Alloy Stands

Show and store your armor.

External power supply
Input 110V ~ 230V AC to power the suit.

Remote controller
Activate and deactivate electrical system.
Control add-ons.


wearable iron man mark 47 armor costume full body painted front view


How can I buy?

You need to email to administrator@buyfullbodyarmors.com and tell us about your add-on choices. We will calculate the total and work out a payment plan with you. We will also ask for your measurements via email.

Weight? Material?

  • [Suit weight]: around 12 kg 26.5 lbs, depending on the add-ons and the accessories you select
  • [Suit material]: PU Plastic, ABS Plastic, aluminum alloy framework
  • [Wearing system material]: nylon belts, nylon plugs, Velcro
  • [Painting]: automobile primer, automobile color paint, automobile high-gloss protection paint

Do I get photo status reports after I place my order?

We will send you photo status reports when production progress reaches the following three milestones.

  • the completion of armor pieces and the first round of assembly
  • the completion of surface treatment & painting
  • the completion of your order

How does a payment plan work?

Typically, if you request a 5-month payment plan, we will divide the total equally to 5 payments. The longest payment plan we have accepted is 20 months.

We will need to receive full payment before shipment.

How long should I wait before I receive my order?

The standard production time of a Mark 46 or a Mark 47 is 5 months. If you have a preferred timeframe, please let us know. We accept rush orders but we may charge an extra fee.

Please note we need to receive full payments before we ship your order therefore if your payment plan is longer than 5 months, we will adjust the production plan of your order accordingly and you will receive your order after then.

Do I need to assemble armor parts by myself?

All our armor costumes are ready-to-wear.

Can you build a Mark 46 or a Mark 47 for my size?

Yes, all our armor costumes are made-to-measure.

How can I control all the add-ons?

You can control add-ons by the triggers on your fingers or by the remote control.

Can I add more add-ons to my armor after I receive it?

You can add most of the add-ons after you receive your Mark 46 or Mark 47.

The following add-ons can be added directly to your armor without relevant armor parts.

  • Motorized back wing flaps
  • Ultra-refined shoe bottom Repulsors with walking sound effect
  • Voice changer
  • Extra 2 battery boxes
  • Ventilation cooling system

The following add-ons have to be added along with the relevant armor parts.

  • Motorized shoulder missile cabin (both sides) requires relevant parts of the shoulders
  • Motorized forearm missile cabin (both forearms) requires forearms

The following add-ons are too hard to be added to the armor by yourself.

  • Full-body mini Arc Reactors
  • Hand cover front lights

Can I put on a Mark 46 or a Mark 47 by myself? How long does it take to put it on or off?

After you get familiar with your Mark 46 or Mark 47, it only takes you and one helper about 30 minutes to put it on or off.

7 wearing parts (sorted by wearing sequence):

[1] legs
[2] shoes
[3] neck
[4] chest & waist
[5] arms
[6] hands
[7] helmet

Can I see outside when the eye lights are on and the mask is down?

Yes. And the lights will NOT hurt your eyes. There are covers on the backside of the eye lights.

Can I use the bathroom wearing a Mark 46 or a Mark 47?

You only need to take off two hand armors for number 1. There is a nylon Velcro structure in the bottom position of the armor and a zipper in that position of the bodysuit.

Can I sit in the armor?

Yes, you can sit in the armor but you need to practice it first.

How about the quality of your armor costumes?

We continuously upgrade our design & building methodology and techniques and apply them to our products to achieve the best quality in the armor costume market. Our current techniques are stable and were updated in the middle of June 2019.

The major (approximate 95%) material of our armor costumes is polyurethane (PU) plastic which is a kind of tough and durable material. This material is widely used in the automobile industry, e.g. car bumpers.

We DO NOT use foam or 3D printer to build our armor costumes. Foam armors get wrinkled easily after one wearing. Materials for 3D printers are fragile or easy to be out of shape at high temperature.

How do you pack and transport my armor costumes?

We pack each and every armor in a solid wooden box with a lot of buffering material to make sure that your armor is well protected throughout the entire process of transportation.

In case issues do occur during transportation, don’t worry, we will make things right actively. But we do need you to take photos or videos for the wooden box and the armor and contact us the moment you receive the package from DHL.

How about your after-sale service in case issues occur to the armor parts or to the electrical?and mechanical parts?

Our armor customs are designed for long term use. In case issues do occur, we will provide active solutions ASAP including troubleshooting?instructions, free replacements, and good discount replacements. The design of our armors allows you to replace the damaged parts easily without shipping them back to us.

We will require photos and videos which can help us understand the nature of issues. In most cases, we can complete the diagnose and provide solutions within 2 business days.

What's the difference between a Mark 46 and a Mark 47?

They are all the same except for the color scheme. The Mark 47 has a very unique color scheme which is silver on the lower body while the Mark 46 has a classic red-gold color scheme.


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